Mitochondria: Chemical Energy Conversion

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What is the function of cristae in mitochondria?

Increase the production of cellular respiration

Which cells would most likely have a higher number of mitochondria?

Muscle cells that contract frequently

Where is the intermembrane space located within the mitochondrion?

Between the outer and inner membranes

Which organelle is enclosed by two membranes, one being smooth and the other convoluted?


What is the main function of enzymes in the mitochondrial matrix?

Catalyze steps of cellular respiration

What distinguishes the inner mitochondrial membrane from the outer membrane?

Presence of cristae

Which organelle houses enzymes, DNA, and ribosomes within its structure?


Learn about the structure and function of mitochondria, the organelles responsible for converting chemical energy into usable forms for the cell. Discover how the number of mitochondria in a cell correlates with its metabolic activity.

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