Mintzberg’s Management Roles and Skills Quiz

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Which role in Mintzberg's Management Roles Approach involves being a symbolic head and performing ceremonial duties?


What type of skill is demonstrated in the way a manager relates to other people, including the ability to motivate, facilitate, coordinate, lead, communicate, and resolve conflicts?

Human skill

Which type of skill is particularly important at lower organizational levels?

Technical skills

What does conceptual skill involve for a manager?

Understanding where the department fits into the organization and the industry

In the context of the changing organization, which characteristic represents the traditional organization?

Command-oriented with managers always making decisions

Which challenge has resulted in an increased emphasis on ethics education in university and college curriculums?


What did Adam Smith advocate in his book 'The Wealth of Nations'?

Increased productivity through division of labor

What was a significant impact of the Industrial Revolution on management practices?

Substitution of machine power for human power

What is the organized effort to pursue opportunities to create value and grow through innovation and uniqueness known as?


What is the universality of management highlighted in the text?

Good management is needed in all organizations

Test your knowledge of Mintzberg’s Management Roles approach and the 14 skills needed at different management levels. Explore the skills approach and learn about the technical, human, and conceptual skills required for effective management.

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