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What is a potential cause of failure mentioned in the text?

Fabrication defects

Which method can be used to evaluate the magnitude of stress based on the given text?

Loading situation

What is the first critical step in the failure analysis procedure?

Detection and data collection

What is a consideration for selecting appropriate materials, as per the text?

Temperature range of operation

What is a potential effect of welding, as mentioned in the text?

Gas porosity and segregation

What is the primary focus of failure analysis?

Determining the root cause of a failure

Which of the following is NOT mentioned as an example of a harsh environment inducing failure?

Chemically stable environment

Which chapter of the syllabus covers 'Failure Due To Overload'?

2.1 Distortion

What are some examples of operating conditions that frequently cause material failure?

Stress, impact, and frictional loading

What does the process of failure analysis involve?

Determining the root cause of a failure

In the context of creep, what is the purpose of a creep test?

To measure the strain as a function of time at a constant stress and temperature

What are some examples of components that experience creep phenomenon?

Boilers, gas turbine engines, and ovens

Why are materials with high melting temperatures often selected for applications involving sustained stress at high temperatures?

To withstand the conditions without experiencing creep deformation

What does the slope of the strain vs. time curve in a creep test represent?

The strain rate or creep rate of the material

Why do ceramics have a very high resistance to deformation by creep?

Because of their characteristically high melting temperatures

What is creep failure?

The permanent dimensional change of a material subjected to a constant stress, usually greater than the yield stress

What is the significance of temperature in creep?

Creep is only significant when the temperature is greater than 0.4 Tm

How does creep occur?

By atomic diffusion causing elongation of the grain in the direction parallel to the applied stress

What can result from sufficient strain or creep in a material?


At what temperature is creep significant?

Greater than 0.4 Tm

Test your knowledge of the marks and hours distribution in the Mechanical Engineering Department. This quiz covers topics such as total year work, oral/practical exams, final exams, contact hours, and lab marks distribution.

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