Master the Basics of Igneous Rocks

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Which type of rock requires a very high temperature for it to melt?

What does the term 'igneous' mean?

At what temperature are igneous rocks formed?

Which type of igneous rock forms on the Earth's surface?

How are igneous rocks classified based on texture?

Rocks need a very high temperature for it to ______.

Igneous rocks need high rock-melting heat similar to the temperature of the ______ earth.

The term igneous comes from the Latin word ignis which means ______.

It is formed in temperatures not lower than ______ °C.

How can a geologist ______iate.


Test your knowledge on igneous rocks with this quiz! Learn about the formation of igneous rocks, Bowen's reaction series, and the different types of igneous rocks. Explore extrusive and intrusive igneous rocks, as well as other ways of classifying them based on texture and composition. Are you ready to rock this quiz?

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