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What is the process of partial melting of the source rock called?


What are the characteristics of Incomplete Equilibrium Melting?

Large crystal sizes and high magma viscosity

What does Equilibrium Melting involve?

Enrichment of low-T minerals in the melt

What does the Lever Rule calculate in a system?

Proportions of melt (liquid) and crystals (solid)

In Gibb’s phase rule, what does 'P' represent?

Number of phases in a system

What happens to the enriched low-T minerals as the degree of partial melting increases in Equilibrium Melting?

They become progressively less enriched in the melt

What is the main composition of magma according to the text?

Mostly silicate

What type of equilibria allows both pressure and temperature to change independently without altering the state of the system?

Divariant Equilibria

What is the primary cause of basaltic magma generation at ocean spreading ridges and continental rifts?

Decreasing pressure

What effect does high volatile content under pressure have on melting temperature of rocks?

Lowers the melting temperature

At what depth is the lithostatic stress reduced, leading to a decrease in rock melting temperature?

At 10 km depth

What does partial melting remove from the source rock and concentrate into the new magma?

Potassium and sodium

Test your knowledge on the factors influencing magma formation such as temperature, pressure, magma chemistry, composition, texture, depth of source rock, and diversification processes. Explore the concepts of anatexis, partial melting, and the enrichment of low and high-temperature components in liquid melt and residual rock.

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