Types of Rock Formation: Chapter 10 Section 1 Quiz

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What is the parent material for all rocks?


Where does extrusive magma cool?

On the surface of the earth or in the sea

What type of rock is formed when magma cools and hardens?

Igneous rock

Where do intrusive igneous rocks cool?

Deep in the earth's surface

What do extrusive igneous rocks form on Earth's surface?

Small crystals

What type of rock is formed when sediment deposits harden after being compressed or cemented together?


Which type of sedimentary rock is made of chemicals and not smaller rock pieces?


What process can change rock into another form through tremendous pressure, extreme heat, and chemical processes?


Which type of metamorphic rock has no distinct bands of minerals?


What is the process called when rock changes from one type to another and back again?

Rock cycle

Test your knowledge of rock formation with this quiz focused on Chapter 10 Section 1 of Rocks and the Rock Cycle. Learn about the three types of rock and the process of formation from magma to rock.

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