Louis XVI of France and the American Revolution

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What percentage of land was owned by nobles, the Church, and other richer members of the third estate?


What was the main privilege enjoyed by the members of the first two estates?

Exemption from paying taxes

What did peasants have to render to the lord as part of their obligations?

Military service

What tax did the Church extract from the peasants?


What event took place on the morning of 14 July 1789 in Paris?

Protest against high bread prices

Why was the Bastille despised by many during that time?

It symbolized the power of the king

What impact did France's assistance to the American colonies have on its debt?

It added over a billion livres to the existing debt.

During Louis XVI's reign, why did France's financial situation worsen?

Long years of war and maintaining an extravagant court at Versailles drained the treasury.

Why did the French government have to increase taxes during Louis XVI's reign?

To meet the regular expenses like maintaining an army and the court.

What percentage of the French population were peasants in the eighteenth century?


What percentage of the state's budget was spent solely on interest payments on loans?

Increasing percentage

Which term is used to describe the society and institutions of France before 1789?

Old Regime

Explore the reign of Louis XVI of France and his involvement in the American Revolution. Learn about the financial challenges faced by France during his reign and the role played in supporting the American colonies against Britain.

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