Louis XVI and France in 1774

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Who owned about 60 per cent of the land that was cultivated?

Nobles, the Church, and other richer members of the third estate

Which two groups enjoyed certain privileges by birth?

The clergy and the nobility

What was the most important privilege exempted from the clergy and nobility?

Exemption from paying taxes to the state

What dues did the nobles extract from the peasants?

Feudal dues

What taxes did the Church extract from the peasants?


What were the two main types of taxes that the third estate had to pay to the state?

Taille (direct tax) and indirect taxes on everyday consumption

Who ascended the throne of France in 1774?

Louis XVI of the Bourbon family of kings

Who was Louis XVI married to?

Marie Antoinette

What major financial issue did Louis XVI face when he became king?

An empty treasury

What significant contribution did France make to the American colonies?

Helped the thirteen American colonies gain independence from Britain

What was the financial impact of the war on France?

More than a billion livres added to a debt that had already reached 2 billion livres

What was the term used to describe the society and institutions of France before 1789?

Old Regime

Learn about Louis XVI ascending the throne of France in 1774, facing financial challenges due to wars and extravagance, and supporting the American colonies in their independence from Britain.

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