Louis XVI and France: A Historical Overview

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What percentage of the land was owned by nobles, the Church, and other richer members of the third estate?

About 60 per cent

What were the feudal privileges enjoyed by the nobles?

Feudal dues extracted from peasants

What was the tax levied by the Church that comprised one-tenth of the agricultural produce?


Who bore the burden of financing state activities through taxes?

Third estate alone

What financial challenges did Louis XVI face upon ascending the throne of France?

Empty treasury, huge debt, high interest rates on loans, and increasing taxes.

How did France's involvement in helping the American colonies gain independence impact its financial situation?

It added more than a billion livres to France's debt, which had already exceeded 2 billion livres.

Why did the French government have to increase taxes and borrow money at high interest rates?

To cover the costs of maintaining an army, the court, government offices, universities, and to pay off debts.

What was the impact of the French society being divided into three estates in the 18th century?

Only the third estate paid taxes, leading to an unfair tax burden on the common people.

Learn about Louis XVI of France, his marriage to Marie Antoinette, the financial challenges he faced, and France's involvement in the American Revolutionary War.

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