Learner-Centered Principles: Cognitive and Metacognitive Factors Quiz

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Which factor refers to the intentional process of constructing meaning from information and experience?

Nature of the learning process

What is the focus of the successful learner according to the text?

Linking new information with existing knowledge

Which factor involves higher order strategies for selecting and monitoring mental operations?

Thinking about thinking

What influences what and how much is learned, according to the text?

Motivation to learn

Which factor is influenced by individual's emotional states, beliefs, interests, and habits of thinking?

Motivational and emotional influences on learning

What does the context of learning involve according to the text?

Environmental factors

What contributes to intrinsic motivation according to the text?

Creativity, higher order thinking, and natural curiosity

Why is there a need for development according to the text?

To achieve maturity characterized by completion of structural changes and attainment of capacity to function as a normal adult

What does the life-span approach believe about developmental change in adulthood?

Developmental change takes place as it does during childhood

According to the traditional perspective, what does it believe about change in adulthood?

Little or no change in adulthood

What does the term 'growth' refer to according to the text?

Positive changes that lead to maturity, increase in physical aspects of body's structures, and improvement of their functions

What does the term 'decline/decay' refer to according to the text?

Negative changes that lead to deterioration and degeneration

Test your understanding of learner-centered principles related to cognitive and metacognitive factors, including the nature of the learning process, goals of the learning process, and construction of knowledge.

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