Introduction to Food & Nutrition - Basic Concepts and Nutrients Classification

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Which term refers to the process of breaking down food into smaller nutrients?

What is the main purpose of nutrients in the body?

Which factor is NOT typically considered in personal food choices?

What does a balanced diet consist of?

Which class of nutrients do carbohydrates belong to?

What impact do food choices have on health according to the text?

Which nutrient provides the highest kilocalorie value per gram?

Which nutrient is primarily responsible for building and repairing body tissues?

Which nutrient is the only one among the six essential nutrients that contains nitrogen?

Which type of nutrients regulate body processes and are categorized as inorganic compounds?

Which nutrient is a major constituent of all living cells and plays a crucial role in regulating body processes?

If a food item is rich in meats, milk, cream, butter, and egg yolks, what type of nutrient is it a good source of?

What is the maximum meaning of 'health' according to the text?

Which term best describes 'maximum well-being' in human health?

What is the primary goal of Nutrition as described in the text?

What does 'Nutrition' involve?

Which aspect is NOT included in the process of Nutrition as defined in the text?

In the context of Nutrition, what is the 'process' primarily focused on?


Learn the basic concepts of food and nutrition, factors affecting food choices, classification of nutrients, and calculations of energy from macronutrient weight. Explore terms like health, energy density, and more in this course led by Sumaiya Iqbal.

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