Internal Communication Systems in Living Organisms

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What is the main function of the Nervous System in the body?

Coordination of various body systems

How does the Nervous System differ from the Endocrine System in terms of response speed?

Nervous System responds rapidly

What is the role of the Endocrine System in the body?

Regulation of internal environment

How do cells and organs in the body work according to the text?

Coordinated for various functions at specific times

What is the primary means by which outside stimuli are perceived by the body?

Nervous system

Which statement accurately describes neurology based on the text?

Study of nervous system and receptor organs

Which region of a neuron is highly specialized to conduct nerve impulses away from the cell body?


What is the function of myelin sheath around an axon?

Increases the speed of nerve impulse conduction

Which cell organelle is absent in nerve cells?


What is the role of dendrites in a neuron?

Highly branched to receive nerve impulses and conduct them towards the cell body

Which type of neuron transmits impulses from receptors to the brain and spinal cord?

Sensory (Afferent) neurons

What differentiates a unipolar neuron from other types of neurons?

Fiber immediately divides into proximal and distal fibers with no dendrites

Explore the concept of internal communication systems in living organisms, which play a crucial role in coordinating the activities of cells and organs. Understand how these systems help organisms respond to stimuli and control their functions effectively.

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