Emergency Preparedness and Response

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Which system on board a ship is used for internal communications and does not require an external power supply?

Sound-powered phone

What type of phone system is used on a ship to make urgent pages and handle emergencies?

Public address system

In a 'dead ship' situation where the ship's electrical system has failed, which type of phone would still be operational for internal communications?

Sound-powered phone

Which type of phone would be commonly used by someone on the deck needing to communicate with someone on the bridge during an anchoring operation?

Portable radio

Why wouldn't a portable radio work well for internal communications in a cargo space on a ship?

Limited range of the portable radio

Why wouldn't a cell phone work for internal communications on a ship?

Lack of cell phone towers

Which system on a ship enhances safety and efficiency by monitoring various onboard functions such as engines and generators?

Alarm monitoring system

What type of alarm is installed on a ship to notify the crew about a dangerous situation that can arise from different types of emergencies?

Both audible and visual alarm

What is the purpose of emergency alarms on a ship?

To notify the crew about a dangerous situation

Is having an emergency alarm on a ship a standard practice in the international maritime industry?


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