Improving Sales Performance with Positive Self-Talk

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What is the number one reason why customers do not buy?

Fear of failure

Which fear is triggered by the possibility of rudeness, disapproval, or criticism towards the salesperson?

Fear of rejection

What is the outcome of the fear of rejection according to the text?

Salesperson getting rejections

Why might a potential buyer say 'no' during a sales interaction?

They simply do not need or want the product

What is emphasized as a key factor in reducing customer hesitation and building trust?

Minimizing the fear of rejection

What analogy is used to describe a customer's fear due to past negative experiences?

Being like a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs

What happens if you take rejection personally according to the text?

You will lose enthusiasm for selling.

How does the text suggest rejection should be perceived?

As a rejection of your offering, presentation, or prices.

What is one danger highlighted in the text if you take a 'no' personally?

Decreased enthusiasm for selling.

How does fear impact sales efforts according to the text?

Fear leads to excuses for not selling.

What can happen if you start cutting back on prospecting according to the text?

Loss of sales opportunities.

How does the text describe the impact of fear on excuses for not selling?

Fear leads to rationalization and justification for non-selling behavior.

What impact does positive self-talk have on performance?

Increases self-confidence

Which of the following is identified as a major obstacle to making and closing sales?

Fear of failure

What is the impact of the fear of failure on performance?

Leads to freezing up and lower performance

What is the main reason for failure in adult life?

Fear of failure

What is the greatest obstacle to buying, according to the text?

Fear of rejection

What can result from destructive criticism during childhood according to the text?

Deep subconscious fear of failure as an adult

Learn how positive self-talk can enhance your self-confidence and sales results. Discover how to prepare yourself psychologically for successful sales interactions and project a confident image to potential clients.

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