Importance of Age in Medical Treatment

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What is the main reason why infants may require different drug dosages compared to adults?

Immature hepatic and renal function

In pediatric patients, how are drug doses typically calculated?

Based on body weight or body surface area

What happens to the physiologic functions in adults after the third decade of life?

They begin to diminish

Why do elderly patients respond differently to drugs compared to younger patients?

Changes in receptor sensitivity and age-related tissue alterations

How can genetic polymorphisms affect a drug's action in individuals?

By altering its pharmacokinetic profile and/or pharmacodynamic properties

What is the main reason behind using body weight as a determinant of drug dosage?

To ensure appropriate dosage based on individual differences

Why is body surface area used as a factor in determining drug dosage?

To consider the correlation between physiologic processes and BSA

Why are pharmacokinetic differences regarding sex important in drug administration?

To consider the effects of menstrual cycle and menopausal status

What is the primary concern when it comes to tolerance in drug administration?

The risk of increased dosage requirement over time

How does time and conditions of drug administration influence dosage requirements?

By guiding the use of lower parenteral doses compared to oral doses

Why should great caution be exercised when using drugs during pregnancy and lactation?

To safeguard against adverse effects on the fetus or infant

This quiz explores how age plays a crucial role in the treatment of neonatal, pediatric, and geriatric patients. It discusses the impact of age on hepatic and renal function, drug metabolism, dosage calculations, and physiological changes that affect drug responses.

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