Medical Treatment Documentation

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According to the Los Angeles Municipal Code (LAMC) section 41.60, what is the punishment for violating the prohibition on patient dumping?

Both a fine and a term of probation

What does LAMC section 41.60(b) state about the transportation of a patient to a location other than their residence without written consent?

It is allowed under certain circumstances

What is the definition of a 'health facility' according to the California Health and Safety Code?

A facility that provides healthcare services

According to the text, what is the occupation of the offender?

Health Facility Name

According to the text, what is the location of the occurrence?

333 S. San Pedro Street, Los Angeles CA 90012

According to the text, what is the charge against the offender?

Patient dumping

According to the text, what is the driver's license number of the victim?


Which of the following is NOT a type of facility listed in the text?

Congregate living health facility

What is the definition of a 'Homeless Patient' according to the text?

All of the above

What is required for 'Written Consent' according to the text?

Consent signed by the patient or legal representative

Who should officers notify in case of an unlawful 'patient dumping' transport?

All of the above

According to the text, what form should the victim complete and sign to authorize the release of medical information?

Form 05.03.00(12/12)

What is the expiration date that should be filled in the form for the release of medical information?

One year from the date of the incident

What is the phone number to contact Lieutenant Brian Bixler, Officer-in-Charge, Crisis Response Support Section?


What is the address where the Medical Services Division of the City of Los Angeles can release medical records to the Los Angeles Police Department?

123 Main Street, Los Angeles CA 90072

Documenting Medical Treatment Quiz: Test your knowledge on documenting medical treatment for victims. Learn about the essential information to record, including reason for transport, mode of transportation, destination details, and medical record number. Also, explore the importance of noting if the victim required medication upon discharge but was not provided any by the hospital/facility. Perfect for medical professionals and those interested in victim care documentation.

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