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Which cells are considered Antigen-presenting cells?

Dendritic cells

What is the primary function of follicular dendritic cells?

Display of antigens to B lymphocytes in humoral immune responses

How do T Lymphocytes differ from macrophages in terms of effector function?

Activation of phagocytes, killing infected cells

How do antibodies cooperate with elements of the adaptive immune response?

By recognizing distinct types of antigens

What is used to achieve the distinction between different types of lymphocytes?

Expression of surface proteins identified using panels of monoclonal antibodies

In which immune system do various classes of lymphocytes differentiate into effector cells aimed at eliminating antigens?

Adaptive immune system

Test your knowledge of antigen-presenting cells, including dendritic cells, macrophages, and B cells. Explore the differences in effector functions of these cells and their roles in immune responses.

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