Igneous Rocks: Definition and Formation

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How are igneous rocks formed?

What makes magma rise to the Earth's surface?

Where are melts commonly found?

What conditions are required for rocks to melt and form magma?

What type of rocks are formed when magma is trapped underneath the surface and slowly cools?

What is the main characteristic of batholiths?

What distinguishes sills from dikes?

Which statement best describes the formation of dikes and sills?

What type of rocks are commonly observed in batholiths?

What is a notable example of a sill formation mentioned in the text?

What is the main difference between volcanic and plutonic igneous rocks?

What is the main reason for the fine-grained or glassy texture of volcanic rocks?

Which mineral is a significant component of pumice, an example of extrusive igneous rock?

What is the primary reason why granite, an example of intrusive igneous rock, has a coarse-grained texture?

What is a pluton in the context of igneous geology?


Learn about the definition and formation of igneous rocks in this lesson. Understand how magma solidifies to form igneous rocks and how they are interconnected with other rock types.

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