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What is the main process involved in the formation of igneous rocks?

Cooling and solidification of magma or lava

Where does the magma for igneous rocks come from?

Partial melts of existing rocks in either a planet's mantle or crust

What are the two primary ways in which igneous rocks can solidify?

Intrusive rocks and extrusive rocks

What percentage of the Earth's crust by volume is made up of igneous and metamorphic rocks?


In what geological settings can igneous rocks occur?

Shields, platforms, orogens, basins, large igneous provinces, extended crust, and oceanic crust

What is the composition of most of the Earth's oceanic crust?

Igneous rock

What is the characteristic of intrusive igneous rocks due to the slow cooling process?


Which type of rock is most commonly associated with important mineral deposits such as tungsten, tin, and uranium?


What type of igneous rock is formed by the cooling of molten magma on the earth's surface?


What is the characteristic of most extrusive igneous rocks due to rapid solidification?


What are bodies of intrusive igneous rock known as?


Which type of intrusive igneous rock is usually much finer-grained and often resembles volcanic rock?

Hypabyssal rocks

What type of intrusive igneous rock forms near the surface and is usually much finer-grained?

Subvolcanic rocks

What is the most common extrusive igneous rock that forms lava flows, lava sheets, and lava plateaus?


Test your knowledge of igneous rocks with this quiz on the formation process, including the cooling and solidification of magma or lava, and the processes leading to magma formation. Explore the key concepts of igneous rock formation in this quiz.

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