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What is the main responsibility of HR in the context of job analysis?

Which HR function involves finding potential employees?

What does strategic human resource management involve?

Which category of HR responsibilities includes work-life balance and employee retention?

What is the purpose of job analysis?

Which method is used to attract qualified applicants?

What type of training takes place away from the job site?

What are alternatives to supervisory appraisals?

What is the primary focus of conflict within an organization?

Which type of conflict is described as 'destructive and hurts task performance'?

What is the primary role of unions in the workplace?

Which conflict management style is described as 'cooperative and assertive'?

What type of organizational structure focuses on grouping job and activities based on the same customers or clients?

In which organizational structure are people with similar skills and performing similar tasks grouped together into formal work units?

'Moderately cooperative and assertive' describes which conflict management style?

'A central core that is linked through networks of relationships with outside contractors and suppliers of essential services' describes which organizational structure?

'Combines functional and divisional structures to gain advantages and minimize disadvantages of each' describes which organizational structure?

What is the primary focus of dysfunctional conflict within an organization?

Which type of organizational structure groups job and activities based on the same processes?

What is not a role of a union?


Test your knowledge of Human Resources functions and responsibilities with this quiz. Explore topics such as job analysis, recruitment, training and development, compensation, performance appraisals, and labor relations.

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