How to Win Friends and Influence People - Book Study

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What is the suggested approach to get the most out of this book?

What is one of the suggested ways to make learning a lively game?

What is advised to be done as you read the book?

What is suggested as a way to track your progress and learning from the book?

What is advised to be done with important ideas while reading the book?

What is one of the ways recommended to apply the principles from the book?

Who is the editorial consultant for the book?

In which year was the revised edition of the book copyrighted?

What is the subtitle of 'Part One' of the book?

How many ways are mentioned to make people like you in 'Part Two'?

In 'Part Three', what is referred to as 'The Safety Valve in Handling Complaints'?

What is the title of 'Part Four' of the book?

What is the address mentioned for information regarding special discounts for bulk purchases?


This quiz is based on the book 'How to Win Friends and Influence People' by Dale Carnegie. It focuses on key principles of human relations and provides suggestions on how to apply them in real life. Test your understanding of the book's content and gain insights on effective communication and relationship-building strategies.

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