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What is heat conduction?

The transfer of internal energy by microscopic diffusion and collisions of particles within a body due to a temperature gradient

What is convection in the context of heat transfer?

The transfer of heat from one place to another by the movement of fluids

Which cooking method refers to the transfer of energy from a heat source to food?

Dry Heat Cooking Method

In which cooking method is the movement of heat in liquid or gas involved?

Moist Heat Cooking Method

What does radiation as a method of heat transfer rely on?

Contact between the heat source and the heated object

What is blanching in cooking?

Plunging food in boiling water to soften or partially cook it

What is the purpose of blanching in cooking?

To soften or partially cook food

What is poaching in cooking?

Extremely gentle cooking at a low temperature in liquid

What does moist heat cooking refer to?

Cooking food with or in any type of liquid

What does food cooked in moist heat not develop?

A crisp or tender crust

Test your knowledge of heat transfer with this quiz! Explore concepts such as heat conduction and convection to understand how energy moves from a heat source to food.

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