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Which type of group is defined by the organization's structure and has designated work assignments and specific tasks?

Which type of group occurs naturally in the workplace and tends to form around friendships and common interests?

What is the main purpose of project teams?

Which type of group is composed of individuals from different departments or functional areas who collaborate to address complex issues or projects that require diverse expertise?

What is the role of management teams within an organization?

Which type of group is formed to provide guidance and recommendations on specific organizational matters?

What is the definition of a group?

Which type of group is a team of employees within a department who work together to achieve departmental goals?

What is the main characteristic of informal groups?

Which type of group is formed to work on specific projects or initiatives?

Which psychologist introduced the model of group development stages?

During which stage of group development do conflicts and disagreements arise?

What happens during the norming stage of group development?

Which stage marks the end of the group's life cycle?

What is the purpose of understanding group development stages?

What is social influence in the context of group behavior?

What do norms do within a group?

What is the role of leadership in a group?

What is group cohesion?

Do all groups progress through the stages of group development in a linear fashion?

Which of the following best describes social loafing?

What is groupthink?

What is conflict in the context of group behavior?

What is group identity?

What does social identity theory posit?

What are social norms?

Which of the following can lead to flawed decisions and a lack of creativity?

What is the potential impact of conflict in a group?

How can social norms influence individual behavior within a group?

In what settings are these concepts of group behavior applicable?


Test your knowledge on group development and dynamics with this quiz. Learn about the stages that groups go through and the differences between formal and informal groups. Challenge yourself and enhance your understanding of group dynamics.

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