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What is the most likely cause of division based on the text?


By the age of 21, where would most children have gone to live?

By themselves

When did the Jesuits return and establish the Ateneo according to the text?

To the 1800’s, when the Jesuits returned from their exile

What type of test is being practiced in this section of the text?

PUPCET Practice Test

What type of institution is Ateneo according to the text?

Historical institution

What is the area of the shaded portions of the circle in the figure provided?

21.125π − 30

What is the point of intersection of Line A: y = 4x + 8 and Line B: y = 7x + 5?

(1, 12)

What is the surface area of a rectangular prism with length 7, width 5, and height 6?


What is the standard deviation of the set {2, 4, 4, 4, 5, 7, 9}?


What is the value of $1 + \tan^2(\theta)$ equal to?


What is the main difference between Passage A and B?

Passage A talks about Genetic Engineering on animals, while passage B talks about Genetic Engineering on humans.

Both authors would agree that Genetic Engineering is ___.


Unlike Passage B, Passage A ______.

Makes greater use of statistics and data to support her claims

How would the author of Passage B react to the developments in Passage A?

With caution, since this development in genetics could later be used on humans.

What did Darcy say about Elizabeth's family?

They owe him nothing.

In what way did Darcy express his feelings towards Elizabeth?

He mentioned his unchanged affections and wishes.

How did Elizabeth respond to Darcy's declaration of love?

She expressed gratitude and pleasure for his assurances.

What was the main reason Darcy gave for wanting to make Elizabeth happy?

He thought it would strengthen his other reasons for pursuing her.

How did Darcy react when Elizabeth told him her sentiments had changed?

He expressed happiness and gratitude.

What did Elizabeth feel after the conversation with Darcy?

Awkwardness and anxiety

From the first passage, what was the fate of lepers contained on the island?

They were expected to die there of their disease or natural causes.

In the second passage, what object is used as a symbol of love?

An onion

What is the significance of the onion's scent mentioned in the second passage?

It represents eternal love and faithfulness.

Based on the first passage, what was the government's main reason for executing lepers on the island?

To reduce the spread of leprosy to the general public.

Why did the author compare the onion to a moon wrapped in brown paper in the second passage?

To show that love can have hidden layers of meaning.

Which statement best reflects Culion's status based on the information provided in the first passage?

Culion is no longer a leper colony.

Test your knowledge with geometry and algebra practice questions. Solve problems involving the area of shaded portions of a circle, point of intersection of lines, and cubic and linear functions. Get ready for PUPCET with these challenging practice questions!

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