Food Crop Postharvest Technology FQM 1263 Unit 02 Quiz

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What does postharvest technology encompass?

Preservation, conservation, quality control/enhancement, processing, packaging, storage, distribution, marketing, and utilization

When does postharvest technology apply to food crop produce?

After harvest

Which chapter covers the causes of fresh produce losses and deterioration?

Chapter 3

What does ethylene relate to in postharvest technology?

Fruit ripening

Which activity is NOT part of postharvest technology?

Pesticide application during growth

What is the primary goal of postharvest disease management of fresh produce?

Prevention of spoilage

What is the main reason for the increasing importance of postharvest technology (PHT)?

To reduce the time from farm to market

What is the purpose of extending the postharvest life of food crop produce?

To minimize the loss of quality and generation of unsalable material

What is the objective of applying postharvest technology (PHT)?

Maximize profits and provide quality raw materials

What is the morpho-anatomical basis of plant cells' cell wall?

Provide structural support and maintain hydrostatic pressure

What is the physiological basis of produce respiration?

Regulating enzymes and enzyme activity

What is the effect of temperature on membrane fluidity?

Membrane fluidity increases as temperature increases

What are the main elements of the postharvest system/sector described in Chapter 2?

Morpho-anatomical basis and physiological basis

What is the primary function of dermal tissues in plants?

'Protecting the plant from water loss and invasion of pathogens'

In the study material for FQM 1243 Livestock Products Processing, who is listed as the author?

Prof. B. P. A. Jayaweera

What is the ISBN number for the study material titled 'FQM 1243 Livestock Products Processing'?


Which department does Dr. P. M. H. D. Pathiraje belong to at Wayamba University of Sri Lanka?

Department of Food Science and Technology

Who is credited as the editor of the study material titled 'FQM 1243 Livestock Products Processing'?

Dr. S. Jayathilake

Which faculty at Wayamba University of Sri Lanka oversees the course FQM 1243 Livestock Products Processing?

Faculty of Livestock, Fisheries and Nutrition

What is the program title for the course FQM 1243 Livestock Products Processing?

B.Sc. Food Quality Management

Which of the following is NOT an aim of the module?

To compare the effectiveness of processing and preservation techniques applied in selected products and to suggest criteria to enhance the quality and product diversity to meet the future food

What percentage of the world's total value of agricultural products do animals furnish?

28 percent

What is the primary focus of modern methods in animal husbandry?

Efficient farming units for large numbers of animals

What is the main purpose of intensive husbandry conditions?

To generate animal products at the highest rate of return for investment

What does animal husbandry entail?

Breeding, feeding, and management of animals for the production of food, fiber, work, and pleasure

Where do most of the world's domestic animals get raised?

In small units under less efficient conditions

Which country benefits from animal products accounting for as much as 53 percent of the total agricultural value?

United States

Test your knowledge of postharvest technology for food crops with this quiz covering topics like causes of produce losses, fruit ripening, storage, and more.

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