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During which battle did Ethiopian forces led by Yohannes IV successfully repel an Egyptian invasion?

Battle of Gundet

Which battle is considered a significant event in Ethiopian history and a symbol of African resistance against colonialism?

Battle of Adwa

What was the name of the treaty signed between Italy and Ethiopia in 1889?

Treaty of Wuchale

Who led Ethiopian forces to a decisive victory against the invading Italian army in the Battle of Adwa?

Emperor Menelik II

Which emperor faced British forces at Magdala resulting in the fall of the fortress and his own death?

Emperor Tewodros II

During Emperor Menelik II's reign, what was a key focus of the first phase?

Consolidating his authority and expanding Ethiopian territories

What characterized the second phase of Emperor Menelik II's reign?

Introduction of modern infrastructure like railways and telegraph lines

Who ascended to the throne after the death of Emperor Menelik II?

Empress Zewditu

What significant event marked the beginning of the Second Italo-Ethiopian War?

The invasion of Ethiopia by Italy

What led to the end of the Italian occupation in Ethiopia?

The support of the Ethiopian resistance movement

Who led the British forces in the expedition to rescue hostages from Emperor Tewodros II at Magdala?

Colonel Robert Napier

In which year did the Battle of Adwa, where Ethiopian forces led by Menelik II defeated the invading Italian army, take place?


What was the name of the treaty signed between Italy and Ethiopia in 1889, which eventually led to the First Italo-Ethiopian War?

Wuchale Treaty

At which battle did Ethiopian forces led by Yohannes IV successfully repel an Egyptian invasion in 1875?

Battle of Gundet

Who ruled Ethiopia from 1872 to 1889 and faced several military challenges during his reign?

Emperor Yohannes IV

Who was the daughter of Emperor Menelik II and Empress Zewditu, and had a significant influence on the Ethiopian monarchy?

Queen Taitu Betul

What was one of the key reforms implemented by Emperor Haile Selassie I during the second phase of his reign?

Introduction of compulsory military service

During the Italian occupation of Ethiopia, what was the primary form of resistance by the Ethiopian people?

Guerrilla warfare and sabotage

What was the significance of the Battle of Adwa in Ethiopian history?

It demonstrated Ethiopia's ability to resist European colonialism

Which Ethiopian ruler was known for successfully negotiating treaties with European powers to secure Ethiopia's independence and sovereignty?

Emperor Menelik II

Test your knowledge of Ethiopian history by taking this quiz on the battles of Emperor Tewodros II and Emperor Yohannes IV. Explore the military campaigns and historical events that shaped these rulers' legacies.

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