Enculturation and Socialization Process Quiz

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What are values in a society?

What is the role of social norms and values in influencing decision-making?

Why is it important for social norms to have a common consensus in a society?

How is status defined in the sociological lens?

What is the difference between achieved and ascribed status?

What is the significance of rewards and punishments in social control?

Enculturation is a process that individuals undergo throughout their life, starting from birth up until:

What is NOT mentioned as a source of enculturation in the text?

Which of the following is NOT part of what a person learns through enculturation?

In the context of sociological perspective, what role do norms and values play in society according to the text?

What distinguishes values from norms based on the text?

What does enculturation enable individuals to become informed about within a community or society according to Grunlan & Mayers (1988)?


Test your knowledge on enculturation and socialization, which are continuous processes individuals undergo from birth until death. Understand how enculturation occurs not just through formal education, but also via family, peers, and social interactions throughout life.

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