Embryology and Cleft Conditions

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What is the prevalence of cleft lip and/or palate in live births?

1:700 live births

Which facial prominences can be observed in 5-6 week embryos?

Nasomedial, nasolateral, maxillary, & mandibular

Which environmental factor can contribute to cleft conditions if present during the EARLY stages of pregnancy?

Retinoic acid

What is more common, a cleft lip without a cleft palate or a cleft palate without a cleft lip?

Cleft lip without cleft palate

What percentage of isolated cleft palate cases are associated with a syndrome?


When detecting a cleft condition, what is crucial according to the text?

Doing a full exam

Why is lip repair surgery typically done before palate repair surgery in infants with cleft lip and palate?

To aid in breastfeeding

At what age range is alveolar bone graft surgery typically performed on individuals with cleft lip and palate?

6-10 years

Which technique involves releasing the alar cartilage for nasal distortion repairs in individuals with cleft lip and palate?

McComb technique

Why do surgeons use cancellous bone instead of cortical bone for bone graft in individuals with cleft lip and palate?

Cancellous bone has more mesenchymal cells

What is the primary concern with performing palate surgery on infants younger than 6 months?

Maxillary hypoplasia

Which surgery is aimed at making room for the canine teeth in individuals with cleft lip and palate?

Alveolar bone graft surgery

What is considered the most important part of cleft lip anatomical repair procedures?

Reuniting the muscle

Why is it recommended to perform alveolar bone graft surgery before canine eruption in individuals with cleft lip and palate?

To facilitate proper occlusion of the canines

What is a consequence of performing cleft palate surgery on a very young baby, according to the text?

Maxillary hypoplasia

Learn about embryonic development and common cleft conditions like cleft lip and palate. Understand the failure of fusion of facial prominences and the prevalence of these conditions in newborns.

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