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What is the main objective of the earthmoving process?

To move soil or rock to meet construction requirements

Which of the following is NOT an activity involved in the earthmoving process?


What factor has a major influence on the efficiency and profitability of a construction operation?

Choice of earthmoving equipment

What formula is used to estimate the production of all earthmoving equipment?

[60 (min/hr) / Cycle time (min)] x Efficiency factor

What does 'trafficability' refer to in the context of earthmoving materials?

The ability of soil to support vehicle weight under repeated traffic

What are the five fundamental material types that soil is considered to consist of?

Gravel, sand, silt, clay, organic material

What is the phenomenon called when a soil increases in volume after excavation?


What is the volume unit specified as the basis for payment in an earthmoving contract?

Pay meter

What is the calculation to determine shrinkage percentage of soil?

[1 - (weight after compaction / natural weight)] x 100

What does the term 'swell' refer to in soil mechanics?

The increase in volume of soil upon excavation

Test your knowledge on earthmoving operations, including activities like excavating, loading, hauling, compacting, and grading. Learn about the equipment selection process for construction projects.

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