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What is the primary concern of quality control (QC)?

Process control

What does earthmoving involve in construction?

Moving soil or rock and processing it to meet construction requirements

What does trafficability refer to in construction?

Ability of soil to support the weight of vehicles under repeated traffic

What does plate line capacity measure in earthmoving?

Bucket volume contained within the bucket when following the outline of the bucket sides

What is loadability in the context of soil in construction?

A measure of the difficulty in excavating and loading a soil

Study Notes

Quality Control (QC)

  • The primary concern of Quality Control (QC) is to ensure that the final product meets the specified requirements and standards.

Earthmoving in Construction

  • Earthmoving involves the removal and relocation of soil, rock, and other materials to prepare a site for construction.

Trafficability in Construction

  • Trafficability refers to the ability of a soil or terrain to support the weight of vehicles and equipment without getting damaged or deformed.

Plate Line Capacity in Earthmoving

  • Plate line capacity measures the maximum quantity of soil or material that can be moved per hour by a bulldozer or other earthmoving equipment.

Loadability in Soil Construction

  • Loadability refers to the ability of a soil to withstand the weight of construction equipment and vehicles without failing or deforming, ensuring stable and efficient earthmoving operations.

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