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What is the defining characteristic of a balance dirt job?

Cut and fill volumes are equal

What is NOT a characteristic of a balance dirt job?

Unequal cut and fill volumes

In a balance dirt job, what is the financial arrangement for earth moving?

Performed and paid for in the same billing cycle

What is the defining characteristic of a balance dirt job?

Earth moving is performed and paid for in the same billing cycle

What is the time difference between the beginning and the end of the through band known as?

Band length

What is the application of a low viscosity asphalt to a granular base in preparation for an initial layer of asphalt called?

Prime coat

If a test consists of 6 questions and a student has to answer at least 4 questions correctly to pass, what is the possibility that the student will pass the test by guessing?


In how many ways can a committee be formed consisting of 4 mathematicians, 3 physicists, and 2 chemists from a group of 6 mathematicians, 5 physicists, and 4 chemists?


What is the eccentricity of the hyperbola whose transverse and conjugate axes are equal in length?


What percentage increase in surface area is observed?


What velocity will the block have at the instant the spring is deformed 100mm?


What is the length of the second curve in the compound curve?


How close does the alpha particle come to the nucleus?

the particle is never closer than 4 units from the nucleus.

How fast does the block move after the bullet emerges?

0 m/s

Compute the radius of the smaller circle inscribed in a square section with a radius of 4cm.

0.225 cm

Determine the degree of curvature for the designed simple curve with a maximum speed of 90kph and limited superelevation.

9.34 degrees

Calculate the Stationing of P.C.C. for the given compound curve characteristics.


Test your knowledge of balance dirt jobs in construction with this quiz. Determine the correct definition of a balance dirt job scenario.

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