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Which enzyme is involved in direct reversal of pyrimidine dimers formation?


What is the main consequence of UV light-induced formation of pyrimidine dimers on DNA structure?

Distorted DNA chain structure

Which repair mechanism occurs without the need for a template?

Direct reversal repair

Which chemical process can be reverted by photoreactivation through utilization of light energy?

Methylation of guanine bases

Which enzyme is responsible for restoring the original guanine base by transferring the methylation product in the direct reversal repair mechanism?

Methyl guanine methyl transferase (MGMT)

Which type of direct reversal repair does not occur in humans?


What happens to the enzyme once the alkyl group is transferred to it?

It becomes inactivated

Which type of repair mechanism involves the recognition and removal of a single damaged base?

Base Excision Repair

What type of repair mechanism is used to repair the formation of pyrimidine dimers from UV light within humans?

Nucleotide Excision Repair

Which enzyme is responsible for removing the damaged base forming an AP site in Base Excision Repair?


What is the general mechanism by which repairs are made when one of the double helix strands is damaged?

Excision Repair

Which repair mechanism recognizes multiple damaged bases and cleaves them on both sides before resynthesis?

Nucleotide Excision Repair

Which repair mechanism involves the incorporation of mismatched bases into the DNA strand during replication?

Mismatch Repair

What is the main mechanism for repairing damage to both DNA strands?

Homologous Recombination

Which repair mechanism connects the break ends without a homologous template?

Classical Nonhomologous End Joining

What can happen through homologous recombination that is prevented by Classical Nonhomologous End Joining?

Chromosomal translocations

Which repair mechanism is prone to error but protects genome integrity?

Classical Nonhomologous End Joining

What can alternative repair mechanisms like Single Strand Annealing lead to?

Loss of genetic information

Test your knowledge on the direct reversal DNA repair mechanism, which includes repairing damage without a template. Learn about the repair of pyrimidine dimers caused by UV light and the role of photoreactivating enzymes in this process.

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