CT Plumbing Concepts - Storm Drainage System Module

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What is the main focus of the lecture on Storm Drainage System?

Understanding key concepts and types of Storm Drainage System

Which source provides information on Innovative Stormwater Management at the Property Scale?

MLWS Program UBC

What is required in the Formative Assessment for this module's drawing analysis?

1-page A4 size paper with freehand or digital drawing

What is the preferred approach to elaborating on the lecture principles in the drawing analysis?

Include proper citation of references for information, illustrations, or graphics used

According to the module's learning outcomes, what should students be able to do by the end of the module?

Appreciate the learning of building utilities

What is the purpose of including a drawing analysis component in the module?

To evaluate students' understanding through visual representation of principles discussed

What is a key aspect of the grading system for drawings in stormwater management?

Ability to describe accurately

In terms of content rating, what percentage is allocated to the ability to accurately describe in the grading system for stormwater management drawings?


What is a characteristic of a 'Fair' drawing in the context of stormwater management grading?

Needs further refinement and fine-tuning

Which group is required to submit softcopy drawings in stormwater management?

Group 2 & 3

What is a crucial instruction to avoid academic dishonesty in stormwater management drawing submissions?

Proper citation of references used

What is a significant aspect of drawing analysis in stormwater management?

'Good' drawings relate peripherally to the question

What is the purpose of the summative assessment mentioned in the text?

To showcase students' thinking and communication skills

How should Group 1 submit their drawings for the summative assessment?

Hardcopy - computer printed or handwritten paper

What percentage of the grading system for drawings in stormwater management is based on the ability to describe accurately?


In the context of stormwater management, what does 'drawing analysis' refer to?

Evaluating the quality and accuracy of drawn diagrams

What is emphasized as important in the summative assessment mentioned in relation to stormwater management concepts?

Proper citation of references

Based on the text, what is a key aspect that distinguishes an 'Excellent' rating from a 'Very Good' rating in the grading system for drawings?

Amount of detail and refinement

Learn about the fundamental of storm drainage system in architecture as part of the CT Plumbing Concepts module by Concipio Tektura. This learning material covers topics related to building utilities, plumbing, and sanitary systems.

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