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What is the minimum height above the shower drain outlet that the area and dimensions must be maintained to?

762 mm

What type of materials should shower receptors built directly on the ground be constructed from?

Watertight materials

What specific feature should each shower receptor have to make a watertight joint in the floor?

Approved flanged floor drain

To what height above the top of the finished dam or threshold should the sub-floor and rough side of walls be when shower receptors are built above ground?

76 mm

What should shower receptors first be lined with when being constructed?

Durable and watertight materials

Which material should be used for constructing shower receptors to prevent corrosion?

Non-corrosive materials

What is the minimum distance that a water closet or bidet should be set from its center to any side wall or obstruction?

0.75 meters

What should the finished dam, curb, or threshold of each shower receptor be lower than the outside floor?

25.4 mm

What is the minimum slope required for the finished floor of a shower receptor towards the drain?


What is the minimum width required for thresholds to accommodate a door?

559 mm

What must special shower compartments for wheelchair use eliminate?

Curb or threshold

What is the minimum finished interior area that all shower compartments must have?

0.6 square meter

What should each corner be reinforced with in a shower sub-pan lining?

Suitable metal webbing

How far should folds, laps, and reinforcing webbing extend in all directions from the corner?

101 cm

What type of materials should the webbing be made of for shower sub-pans or linings?


What tensile strength should the webbing produce in either direction?

$0.9$ kg/mm

What may non-metallic shower sub-pans consist of besides multi-layers of materials?

Suitably reinforced materials

How should linings be fastened to the approved backing?

Nailed or perforated

What's the maximum distance linings should have above the finished dam or threshold?

$25.4$ mm

What should be installed with every shower sub-pan or lining?

"Approved type subdrain"

What does each sub-drain need to make a tight connection with?

"Drain clamping ring"

Study Notes

Shower Receptors and Installation Requirements

  • Each shower receptor shall be an approved type and be constructed to have a finished dam, curb or threshold which is at least 25.4 mm lower than the outside floor at the sides and back of such receptor.
  • The finished floor of the receptor shall slope uniformly from the sides towards the drain not less than 1% or 2% or more than 4% or 40 mm/m.
  • Thresholds shall be of sufficient width to accommodate a minimum 559 mm wide door.
  • In no case shall any dam or threshold be less than 51 mm nor more than 228 mm in depth when measured from the top of the dam or threshold to the top of the drain.

Sub-base and Hot-mopped Installation

  • The sub-base shall be smooth and solidly formed, and hot-mopped in place.
  • Each succeeding layer shall be thoroughly hot-mopped to the formed sub-base.
  • All comers shall be carefully fitted, strengthened, and watertight by folding or lapping, and each corner shall be reinforced with suitable metal webbing.
  • All folds, laps, and reinforcing webbing shall extend to at least 101 mm in all directions from the corner.

Reinforcement and Webbing

  • All folds, laps, and reinforcing webbing shall produce a tensile strength of not less than 0.9 kg/mm in either direction.
  • Non-metallic shower sub-pans or linings may also consist of multi-layers of other approved materials suitably reinforced.
  • Linings shall be properly recessed and fastened to approved backing so as not to occupy the space required for the wall covering and shall not be nailed or perforated at any point which may be less than 25.4 mm above the finished dam or threshold.

Sub-drains and Drainage

  • An approved type sub-drain shall be installed with every shower sub-pan or lining.
  • Each such sub-drain shall be of the type that sets flush with the sub-base and weep holes, and shall be equipped with a clamping ring or other device to make a tight connection between the lining and the drain.
  • The sub-drain shall have a connection into the waste line.

Public Shower Rooms

  • Floors of public shower rooms shall have a rounded corner, non-skid surface, and shall be drained in such a manner that wastewater will not pass over areas occupied by other bathers.
  • No water closet or bidet shall be set closer than 0.75 meter from its center to any side wall or obstruction, or 0.75 meter center to center to any similar fixture.

Accessibility and Clearances

  • No urinal shall be set closer than 0.3 meter from its center to any sidewall or partition, or 0.3 meter center to center.
  • Each shower receptor shall have a minimum finished interior area of 0.6 square meter, and shall also be capable of encompassing a 762 mm diameter circle.
  • The minimum distance between the door or entry to the drain opening shall be 1.2 meters.
  • Shower receptors built directly on the ground shall be watertight, and shall be constructed from approved-type dense, non-absorbent, and non-corrosive materials.

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