Plumbing Terms and Concepts

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The term ______ refers to the nominal internal diameter of a pipe or tube.


A ______ is a pipe that is closed at one end, permitting the stagnation of water or air.

Dead End

The ______ length is the length along the center of the pipe and fitting.


A ______ includes all piping that conveys sewage, rainwater, or other liquid waste to a legal point of disposal.

Drainage System

A ______ is a vent that does not carry water or water-borne wastes.

Dry Vent

The ______ opening is the minimum cross-sectional area at the point of water supply discharge.


The term ______ applies to that portion of a plumbing system that has been installed and approved prior to the contemplated addition or alteration.

Existing Work

A ______ is a pipe connecting several fixtures.

Fixture Branch

A ______ is the drain from the trap of a fixture to the junction of that drain with any other drain pipe.

Fixture Drain

The ______ of a pipe or tube refers to the outside diameter of brass and copper tube.


Test your knowledge of plumbing terminology with this quiz! Learn about different concepts and definitions used in the plumbing industry, including pipe measurements and drainage systems.

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