Cooking Methods: Grilling, Griddling, and Pan-Broiling

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What is the main difference between grilling and griddling?

Which dry heat cooking method is done on a solid cooking surface with adjustable temperature?

In which dry heat cooking method is the food cooked on a frying or sauté pan or skillet?

What is the purpose of using grooved griddles for cooking?

What is the purpose of using a rack when roasting meat?

How should the cook adjust cooking temperatures while broiling different types of food items?

Which cooking method involves cooking by radiant heat from above?

Why is preheating the broiler recommended before broiling?

What is the main difference between roasting and baking?

What is a key advantage of oven braising mentioned in the text?

Which method involves cooking pieces of meat or fish in large amounts of liquid?

How is simmering different from stewing?


Learn about different dry heat cooking methods such as grilling, griddling, and pan-broiling. Understand how to properly cook food using these techniques to achieve optimal results in the kitchen.

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