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What is the primary purpose of cooking food?

To improve the flavor of food

Which method of cooking involves applying heat without using any fat?


Which type of frying uses just enough fat to coat the bottom of the pan?

Shallow fat frying

What is the main reason for coating foods before frying them?

To prevent them from absorbing too much fat

What is an advantage of frying as a cooking method?

Quick and easy method

Which cooking method is best suited for preserving food so it lasts longer?

Deep fat frying

What is a disadvantage of boiling food?

It toughens tender meat

Which cooking method is suitable for easily cooked food, tender meats, fish, puddings, and non-starchy vegetables?


What makes baking an uneconomical method if the oven is not fully utilized?

A variety of dishes may be cooked separately

Why is steaming a disadvantageous method for cooking certain types of meat?

Takes longer to cook

Which method of cooking requires extensive supervision and constant attention?


What is a disadvantage of boiling regarding nutrients?

Valuable nutrients are lost in the liquid if not used

Test your knowledge on different methods of cooking food such as steaming, boiling, roasting, and more. Learn about the reasons for cooking and the benefits of using moist heat versus dry heat techniques.

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