Confirmation Test for Arsenic and Antimony Ions

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What is used to buffer the acidity of the nitric acid solution of the arsenate ion?

Sodium acetate

What color precipitate is formed when silver nitrate solution is added to a neutral solution of an arsenate?


What accelerates the precipitation of metallic antimony from solutions of antimony compounds?

Using metallic tin in contact with a silver coin

How is arsenic distinguished from antimony in the confirmatory test using metallic tin?

Antimony forms a black powder on a silver coin.

What soluble anions are formed when the sulfides of tin and antimony are dissolved in conc. HCl?

SbCl3- and SnCl6-

What is the confirmatory test for the presence of lead ion in Group IIA analysis?

Formation of a yellow precipitate of lead chromate

To identify the presence of bismuth ion, what reaction serves as the confirmatory test?

Reduction of Bi(OH)3 to black metallic bismuth by stannite ion

How can the presence of cupric ion be identified in Group IIA analysis?

Formation of a deep blue color complex ion Cu(NH3)4++

What precaution should be taken with hydronium ions to prevent the formation of Pb[HSO4]2?

Avoiding it to prevent soluble Pb[HSO4]2 formation

Which compound is used to precipitate bismuth ion in the presence of cupric and cadmium ions?

Bi(OH)3 by excess ammonia

What is the formation of a yellow precipitate a confirmatory test for?

Lead ion

What color is cupric ferrocyanide?


Which ion interferes with the identification test for cadmium ion?


What complex does cyanide form with copper ions?


What happens when a mixture of Cu(CN)3- and Cd(CN)4- ions is treated with H2S?

Cadmium complexes are destroyed, and yellow cadmium sulfide precipitates

What happens when the alkaline centrifugate from Group II separation is acidified?

The complex ions are destroyed, and ions of Group I precipitate as sulfides

Which sulfides dissolve when reacted with concentrated hydrochloric acid?

Antimonous sulfide and stannic sulfide

Learn about the confirmation test for arsenic and antimony ions using nitric acid, sodium acetate, and silver nitrate solutions. Understand how the reactions lead to the formation of characteristic precipitates for identification purposes.

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