Arsenic Toxicity Sources Quiz

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Which of the following industries does NOT use arsenic?

Textile manufacturing

What type of preservatives is arsenic used in?

Wood preservatives for industrial applications

Which of the following materials does NOT involve the use of arsenic?

Ferrous alloys

What industry is mentioned in the text that uses arsenic?

Veterinary pharmaceutical industry

Based on the information provided, which of the following statements is true?

Arsenic is widely used in the manufacture of various products.

In which form is arsenic considered non-toxic?

Elemental (non-toxic)

What is the chemical symbol for the trivalent form of arsenic?


Which form of arsenic is represented by the chemical symbol As5+?


What type of arsenic compounds are referred to as 'organic salts'?

Compounds containing carbon-arsenic bonds

Which form of arsenic is represented by the chemical symbol As3+?


Which of the following is NOT a route of arsenic excretion from the human body?


What is the initial symptom of acute arsenic poisoning?

Severe gastrointestinal discomfort

How long does it typically take for death to occur after the onset of acute arsenic poisoning?

1-24 hours

Which of the following is a symptom associated with acute arsenic poisoning?

Rice water stools

What is the primary cause of death in acute arsenic poisoning?

Hypovolemic shock

Test your knowledge of sources of arsenic toxicity, including its use in semiconductors, wood preservatives, nonferrous alloys, glass production, and veterinary pharmaceuticals.

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