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What is the first step to disassemble a personal computer?

Why is it important to have a container for the screws during computer disassembly?

What is emphasized as a crucial preparation before gaining experience in computer hardware servicing?

Which cable should be unplugged first during computer disassembly?

Why is it necessary to have all the tools close by and handy before starting computer disassembly?

What are system requirements for computer hardware and software?

Why is it important to check system requirements before purchasing software or hardware?

What may happen if a computer does not meet all the system requirements for a particular software?

What are the system requirements for a printer mentioned in the text?

What is the purpose of having system requirements for hardware devices?


Test your knowledge of computer hardware servicing with this Grade 9 TLE ICT quiz on the installation of hardware components and peripherals. Assess your understanding of assembling and disassembling personal computers, familiarity with tools and safety precautions.

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