Comparison of Secreted Antibodies and Cell Mediated Immunity

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What did the clonal selection hypothesis correctly predict?

Clones of lymphocytes specific for different antigens develop before encountering those antigens

What is the importance of the lymphocyte repertoire in the adaptive immune system?

It confers specificity, versatility, adaptability, and memory to the immune system

What is the feature referred to as specificity in the adaptive immune system?

The ability to distinguish millions of different antigens

What occurs with immunologic memory compared to the initial adaptive immune response?

Faster, larger, and more effective responses to repeated exposure to the same antigen

What is the main function of secreted antibodies in humoral immunity?

Preventing microbes from invading tissue cells

In which locations do secreted antibodies enter in humoral immunity?

Circulation, extracellular tissue fluids, and mucosal organs

What is the main function of cell-mediated immunity (CMI)?

Defending against microbes that have entered host cells

What does diversity enable the immune system to do?

Respond to a large variety of antigens

Which type of immunity is induced by infection or vaccination?

Active Immunity

What is the clonal selection hypothesis related to?

Antigen-specific activation of lymphocytes

Which type of immunity is conferred by transfer of antibodies or lymphocytes from an actively immunized individual?

Passive Immunity

What is the role of memory in the immune system?

Leads to enhanced responses to repeated exposures to the same antigens

Learn about the differences between secreted antibodies and cell mediated immunity in humoral and cellular immune responses. Understand how secreted antibodies defend against microbes in extracellular locations, while CMI is involved in defense against microbes that have infected cells.

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