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What is the major role of T lymphocytes?

Cell-mediated immunity against intracellular microbes

How do some intracellular bacteria and protozoa survive in phagocytes?

They resist the microbicidal activities of phagocytes

What is the role of T cells in infections with intracellular microbes?

Stimulate macrophages to kill ingested microbes

Where do B cells mature?

Bone marrow

What is the function of primary lymphoid organs?

Mature B and T cells

Which organ is not considered a secondary lymphoid organ?


What is the role of lymphatic vessels?

Carry lymphocytes to body tissues

What happens to the lymph as it travels through lymphatic vessels?

Material such as protein is removed

Study Notes

T Lymphocytes

  • T lymphocytes play a major role in cell-mediated immunity, recognizing and eliminating infected cells and presenting antigens to other immune cells.

Intracellular Microbes

  • Some intracellular bacteria and protozoa can survive in phagocytes by preventing phagosome maturation or by escaping into the cytosol.

T Cells and Intracellular Infections

  • T cells recognize and eliminate infected cells, producing chemical signals that activate other immune responses to combat intracellular infections.

B Cell Maturation

  • B cells mature in the bone marrow.

Primary Lymphoid Organs

  • Primary lymphoid organs, such as the bone marrow and thymus, are responsible for the production and maturation of immune cells.

Secondary Lymphoid Organs

  • The brain is not considered a secondary lymphoid organ.

Lymphatic Vessels

  • Lymphatic vessels transport lymph, a clear fluid containing immune cells, throughout the body, playing a crucial role in the immune response.

Lymphatic System Function

  • As lymph travels through lymphatic vessels, it is filtered and immune responses are activated, allowing for the recognition and elimination of pathogens and foreign substances.

Test your knowledge of T lymphocytes' role in cell-mediated immunity and their function in defending against intracellular microbes. Explore how T cells stimulate the microbicidal activities of phagocytes in infections.

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