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Which of the following best defines an antigen?

Any substance that induces a B or T cell response found on viruses, bacteria, tumors, and normal cells of the body

What is the primary function of an antibody?

To serve as the soluble form of the antigen receptor

What is the process by which T cells bind to both the antigen fragment and the MHC molecule on the cell surface?

Antigen Presentation

What characteristic of adaptive immunity refers to the lack of reactivity against an animal’s molecules and cells?


In antigen recognition by B cells, what does the B cell secrete after binding to the epitope of an antigen?

Immunoglobulin G (IgG)

Which type of immunity relies on the pathogen-specific recognition ability of lymphocytes?

Adaptive immunity

Where are B cells produced and matured?

Bone marrow

What is the main function of killer T cells?

Destroying infected body cells

Where are naive T cells activated by binding to a foreign peptide bound to a class II MHC protein?

Peripheral lymphoid organ

Which type of immunity is mediated by antibodies produced by B cells?

Humoral immunity

Test your knowledge of specific defenses of the human body with this quiz. Explore the concepts of humoral vs. cell-mediated immunity and compare non-specific and specific defenses.

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