Classical Conditioning and Associative Learning Quiz

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In classical conditioning, when does the stimulus occur in relation to the behavior?

Before the behavior

What is the main principle behind the Law of Effect?

Consequences affecting behavior

Which form of learning involves connecting certain stimuli or events that occur together in the environment?

Classical conditioning

What type of reinforcement involves rewarding a behavior only some of the time?

Partial reinforcement

What does positive punishment involve?

Adding an undesirable stimulus to stop or decrease a behavior

What is the process where the observer sees the model punished, making the observer less likely to imitate the model's behavior?

Vicarious punishment

According to Skinner, what is the process of rewarding successive approximations toward a target behavior called?


Which term refers to the ability to respond differently to similar stimuli?

Stimulus discrimination

What mathematical formula could be used to calculate the probability that an association would be learned given the ability of a conditioned stimulus to predict the occurrence of an unconditioned stimulus and other factors?

Rescorla-Wagner model

If there is a decrease in the conditioned response when the unconditioned stimulus is no longer presented with the conditioned stimulus, what process is occurring?


Test your knowledge on classical conditioning and associative learning, including the acquisition period and how stimuli are connected to elicit specific responses. Explore the concepts of learning through stimulus pairing and environmental events.

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