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Which type of glycosidic bond is found in amylose?

α(1→4) linkages

What is the main carbohydrate found in the milk of mammals?


Which type of glycosidic bond is present in amylopectin branching points?

α(1→6) linkages

What is the primary function of cellulose in the human diet?

Promoting intestinal tract health

What is the glycosidic bond linking the anomeric hydroxyls of sucrose?


What is the molecule formed by the linkage of glucose and galactose?


What is the major constituent of plant cell walls that imparts strength and rigidity?


Which polysaccharide has more α(1→6) branches and is the glucose storage polymer in animals?


What is the sweetest of all sugars among glucose, sucrose, and fructose?


Which type of linkage is present in the structure of cellulose?


Which polysaccharide is structurally similar to glycogen but has longer branches?


What is the role of amylopectin in the context of glucose storage?

Functions as a glucose storage polymer in animals

What classification criteria are used for monosaccharides?

Presence of aldehyde or ketone group and number of carbon atoms

What type of group does an aldose contain?

Aldehyde group

How is an aldose sugar named?

With an ose suffix

What determines if a sugar belongs to the D or L series?

The orientation of H and OH groups around the terminal primary alcohol carbon

What differentiates α-D-glucose from β-D-glucose?

Their physical properties

What is the main purpose of using D-glucose in carbohydrate supplementation?

To provide a source of energy during metabolic disorders

Test your knowledge on carbohydrates and digestion with questions on sugar configurations, human inability to digest cellulose, and disaccharide formation. Learn about the differences between α-D-glucose and β-D-glucose, enzyme deficiencies in cellulose digestion, and characteristics of disaccharides.

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