Attitude Formation and Components

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How do explicit attitudes differ from implicit attitudes?

Explicit attitudes are conscious, while implicit attitudes are unconscious

What role do social norms play in attitude formation?

They have a strong influence on attitudes formation

How do advertisers use classical conditioning to influence attitudes?

By directly associating a product with positive experiences or images

How can operant conditioning be used to influence attitude formation?

By reinforcing certain behaviors associated with a particular attitude

What can cause attitudes to form, according to the text?

Direct experience, social influence, and formal education

In the given text, what factor leads the person to develop an unfavorable opinion of smoking?

Negative feedback from people around him

What influences children to adopt similar attitudes to their parents?

Observing the attitudes of their parents

Why do social psychologists find that attitudes and actual behavior are not always perfectly aligned?

People behave according to their attitudes under certain conditions

According to the Elaboration Likelihood Theory, how can people alter their attitudes?

By being motivated to listen and think about the message or being influenced by the characteristics of the speaker

In what way can classical conditioning be used to create attitude change?

By associating positive feelings with the target object, person, or event

How can operant conditioning be utilized for attitude change?

By strengthening desirable attitudes and weakening undesirable ones

According to Dissonance Theory, when do people often shift their attitudes?

When they have conflicting beliefs about a topic

Learn about the components of attitude including cognitive and behavioral components, as well as explicit and implicit attitudes. Understand the factors influencing attitude formation.

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