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What is the main function of the somatic nervous system in conscious perception?

Controlling leg muscles for walking

Which sense organ is responsible for converting light stimuli into electrical impulses during the sensation process?


What is the role of the thalamus in sensory processing?

Relaying neutral messages to sensory processing areas in the brain

Which component of the nervous system is primarily responsible for processing touch sensations?

Somatic nervous system

What is the first step in the sensation process according to the text?


Which sense is primarily stimulated by chemical gustatory senses?


In conscious perception, which part of the brain is responsible for converting external stimuli into electrochemical signals?


Which part of the nervous system is involved in controlling sensation and perception of smell?

Central Nervous System

What is the second step in the sensation process as outlined in the text?


Which organ is mainly responsible for sensing vibrations and converting them into electrical signals for the brain to interpret?


Test your knowledge on the structure and functions of the nervous system, including the limbic system, cerebrum, and spinal cord. Learn about the reflex arc and the types of neurons involved in transmitting messages between the body and the brain.

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