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What is one of the adverse childhood experiences associated with individuals with mood disorders?

Parental mental illness

How is exposure to child abuse linked to individuals who develop mood disorders?

Increased likelihood of self-injurious behavior

What did a study of 569 adults with schizophrenia suggest about the relationship between adverse childhood experiences and psychiatric problems?

A strong relationship was found

How does severe physical, sexual, and emotional abuse in childhood affect adults with bipolar disorder?

Linked to rapid cycling and earlier onset of the disorder

What are some implications of adverse childhood experiences on individuals with major depression or bipolar disorder?

Earlier onset of depression, more severe symptoms, and greater impairment

How does exposure to parental mental illness in childhood affect individuals with mood disorders?

Earlier onset of depression and more severe symptoms

Which statement is supported by the text regarding adverse childhood experiences and trauma?

Adverse childhood experiences, such as abuse, often co-occur with other forms of household dysfunction.

What percentage of individuals who were sexually abused in childhood reported at least one other type of adverse childhood experience?


What health problem is NOT associated with increased exposure to adverse childhood experiences?


What percentage of respondents in the general population reported experiencing two or more adverse events in childhood?


Which study conducted in a primary care setting found that more than 50% of respondents had experienced at least one type of adverse childhood experience in childhood?

Adverse Childhood Experiences study

What percentage of respondents in the Adverse Childhood Experiences study reported more than two types of adverse childhood experiences in childhood?


Test your knowledge on the high level of exposure children and adolescents have to traumatic events and adverse experiences. Learn about the prevalence of adverse events in childhood and their impact on mental health.

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