Adjusting Selection Tolerance in Preview Window

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What happens when the Fuzziness slider is set to a higher value?

The selection becomes more precise

How are deselected pixels represented in the Preview window when the 'Selection' display option is chosen?

As black areas

What is the purpose of selecting the 'Image' display option for the Preview window?

To view the original image

When 'None' is selected under 'Selection Preview', what is the effect on the original image document?

No preview of selected areas is shown

In which type of display option are selected areas previewed as gray matte in the original image document?


What happens when the 'Invert' option is selected?

The selection is converted into a deselection

Which command can be used to enlarge a selection based on color?


What does the 'Feather' option do to the edges of a selection?

Softens the edges

When 'Quick Mask' is selected, how are deselected areas previewed in the original image document?

As semi-transparent color

Which command is used to make a selection smaller by a specific number of pixels?


What is the purpose of the 'Modify' command in image editing?

Smoothens sharp angles of a selection

Learn how to adjust the tolerance of the selection in a Preview window by using the Fuzziness slider or entering a specific value. Higher values increase the selection for the displayed areas. Understand the display options available, such as Selection and Image previews.

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