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What color does the revision data appear in on both MCDUs and NDs?


What happens when an entry of NEXT WAY POINT, NEW DEST, or VIA GO TO is made on the LAT REV page?

The TEMP F.PLAN page is automatically displayed

When can a TMPY F-PLN not be created?

When a DIR TO is already in process

What prompt will be available when ACTIVATE SEC is selected with NAV mode engaged on FMGS?


What triggers the display of the TEMP F.PLAN page?

Making a revision on the LAT REV page

When is a temporary F-PLN created?

When Active and secondary F-PLN have a common leg

What is the basis of the managed speed profile?

ECON speed

In what mode should the FMGS be to have the ACTIVATE SEC prompt available?

NAV mode

What does pressing the 'AIRPORT' key do?

Erases a temporary F-PLN

What does the FMGC compute once all vertical data has been defined?

Vertical profile and managed speed/Mach profile

In what situations may the flight crew use the SECONDARY flight plan?

To plan a diversion only

Where is a temporary F-PLN created after a revision?

On the F-PLN A pages

What is the speed limitation in SRS mode if both engines are operating during takeoff?

V2 + 10 kts

In SRS mode, what happens to the speed target if one engine fails during takeoff?

Speed target becomes highest of V2 or current speed, limited by V2 + 15 kts

What protections are included in the SRS guidance law during flight?

Attitude protection, Flight Path protection, Speed protection, Best rate of climb

When is the SRS active according to the text?

During Go Around up to acceleration altitude

During takeoff, what is the maximum nose-up attitude reduction by the guidance law in case of wind shear?

30 degrees

When is the SRS guidance displayed in takeoff mode according to the text?

V2 selected on FCU with extended flaps

How can a pilot cancel a HDG/TRK PRESET?

Engaging NAV mode by pushing in the HDG/TRK knob

When does RWY TRK mode engage during takeoff?

At takeoff power application if an ILS is tuned to a station corresponding to the departure runway

When does OP CLB mode engage?

At acceleration altitude when CLB mode is disengaged

What happens if the flight crew initiates a go-around below 100 feet?

HDG mode engages instead of TRK

How should a pilot preset a heading of 210 degrees before takeoff?

Pulling the HDG knob to disarm NAV mode, setting 210 degrees, and pressing HDG knob to engage

What lateral mode is available during takeoff before lift-off?

RWY TRK mode if an ILS is tuned to the departure runway

What does the FMA display when the aircraft is descending in managed DES mode and is below profile?


If the NAV mode is lost, what happens to the DES mode?

DES mode reverts to OP DES mode

In which situation would the FMA change from DES/NAV to OP DES/HDG?

When aircraft enters F-PLN discontinuity

If you select HDG while in THR IDLE / DES / NAV modes, what happens?

NAV mode will change to HDG and FMA will show THR IDLE / DES / HDG

What happens if the aircraft is leveled above the FCU altitude with FD engaged in OP – DES mode and ATHR active?

ATHR maintains speed at VLS and FD stays in OP - DES mode

During managed DESCENT, if the aircraft is above profile, what does the FMA display?


Test your knowledge on the Auto Flight System's Speed Reference System in the A320 aircraft. Mark the correct statements regarding the speed limitations and targets in different scenarios during takeoff and in SRS mode.

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